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About IN Health for Life

Meet The Team


Alison Cover, RN, MPH

IN Health For Life Coordinator.

Currently a stay-at-home mom but in her pre-kid life, a nurse and public health epidemiologist. She enjoys the challenge of translating 

nutrition and lifestyle science into real-world living. Cooking tasty, nutritious, and economical food is important to her. Alison has fun experimenting in the kitchen.

Tamra Wertz, RN, BSN

Practiced Emergency nursing in large metropolitan areas for over 18 years. Additionally she has 9 years of experience as a complex-case patient manager. She has special training for managing Complex,  Transplant, Cancer, ESRD, and Pain Management cases. She has additional education in DM, CAD, HF, COPD, and Rare Disease/ Autoimmune diseases. 

Tamra has personal experience overcoming addictions to tobacco and food. She was a weight-loss counselor for 4 years. She also manages her own complex allergies and wants to help others do the same.

She has a great passion for juicing because of what she feels it's done for her health. She is a mother of five children and four grandchildren.


Valerie Scrafford, RN, BSN

Has worked as a staff nurse, preceptor and charge nurse as well as an adjunct nursing instructor. Recently, Valerie completed the Certificate program for Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies.


Valerie and her husband Doug became Whole Food Plant-Based (WFPB) in 2013 after Valerie had suffered a stroke and was having difficulty regaining her health. Valerie has had stage 4 kidney disease and was counseled to become plant-based by a doctor whom she had formerly worked with at Sacred Heart.  

It has been an amazing past five years of healing, weight loss, regained strength and renewed hope and excitement for life. 


Katy Bean

Business Owner & 
Baker Extraordinaire

Katy grew up with a love for cooking, baking and gathering around the table with loved ones. Food was always at the center of her fondest memories.


As an adult, Katy started Bean & Pie, a bakery that focuses on sourcing local ingredients, supporting the local community and creating treats for people to enjoy together.


After adopting a Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle, Katy has channeled that same love of cooking and baking into creating nourishing meals for her family and friends to enjoy and create new memories around. It's her passion to help others understand the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and provide inspiration for people just starting.

Annalee Wilson_edited_edited.jpg

Annalee Wilson, RN, MSN

Family Nurse Practitioner

Annalee Wilson is a nurse practitioner with a special interest in integrative medicine. She is certified by the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine.

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